@hamishcampbell I've read a lot of your stuff but I'm hoping you'll clarify something. What's a "fashernista"?

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@chris a large part of socierty who do what's fashernable. Not what's right/wrong/best. In the era of the #deathcult of neo-liberalism this has always been the wrong path to take. Its a simple idea.

What would a #lifecult look like in this era?

#fashernista is a feedback loop of #stupidindividualism at mo.

Think i say this in the indymedia reboot video.

@chris the hashtags are designed to make the mainstream as dirty as possible so people see the need to pick up #openweb #4opens tools "spades" to clear the stinking shit and pools of piss #climatechaos is increasingly going to show we live in ( consumerism/alienating work/greed is good) Makes compost (decay of death) to plant seeds (fertile life) to grow flowers (lifecult)

Its a convoluted metaphor ;)

@chris its a hard to understand simple thing. In the era of the #deathcult the fashernisas are almost always wrong and a part of the problem. In the era of the #lifecult fahernistas are mostly right and a part of the solution. dose that make it more simple?

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