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Last week, I attented the ActivityPub Conference (). I learned a lot -- just how deep and boisterous this community is. Truth be told, I'm excited. I've long know that the decentralized web is the future. Now I know it's the present. There's some beautiful projects being done on the Fediverse.

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After this happened, I realized that we need to eat our own dog food. If we're going to talk about decentralization, we need to be as active as possible with the community.

Thus we decided to migrate to decentralized social networks. We got our own servers, installed some software. Now we got a Matrix and Mastodon instance up and running. After a month of testing, I'm loving it. The freedom is spectacular.

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You might be wondering, "What's going on with this new instance ("

Well, I'll tell you. My company, Peer Social, is building a decentralized peer-to-peer social network, both protocol and client. We intend to open source a good portion of it soon. For two years, we've been banging the drums on Twitter.

Well, last August, Twitter banned all our accounts. For what reason? We still don't know. Tried contacting Twitter, they didn't get back. Lesson learned.

@hamishcampbell I've read a lot of your stuff but I'm hoping you'll clarify something. What's a "fashernista"?

What a podcast! First, Donald Trump attempts to ban TikTok. Now Facebook threatens to leave the EU. Social media is in chaos.

@cwebber @erincandescent @rhiaro @tsyesika Fantastic keynote. I'm looking forward to the rest of ActivityPub Conference 2020.

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