The FTC is putting the clamps down on social media companies, investigating how they track user data. Right now, it's a good time for companies that don't track user data.

On the latest episode of the Decentralists, we had UBC Professor Wade Davis on as a guest. If you're unfamiliar with him, Wade is a rock n' roll anthropologist. We asked him about his opinions on society, and how it's affected by .

Just like a bad burrito, all those lunches Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel had at the White House with Trump over the past 4 years are gonna come back and haunt him. It's going to be fun seeing how they manage a lunch with Kamala. My money is on the Veep!

Over the past 50 years, the entire world did something it never did before. We united to create the biggest knowledge network ever: the Internet. But during the last decade, knowledge has come under threat.

Could the US Military be tracking your location? As Vice revealed last week, yes! On this episode of the Decentralists, we discuss the ramifications. As users, few of us are informed about how "free" apps exploit our personal data.

Parler will have no problem finding advertisers. The better question is what kind of advertisers will it attract? I have a feeling we'll see lots of quack medical products.

Yesterday, Twitter launched "fleets" with is based on Instagram stories. Instagram stories are copied from Snapchat. The main players are getting tired. They're not innovating -- just copying each other. But watch what my team and I are planning!

Clearview AI is one of the most dangerous companies in the world. They happily violate your . And they're enabled by law enforcement.

It's Hot Topix time! Are you seeing red or feeling blue? On this episode of the Decentralists , we discuss one of the most important events in world history: a decision the American people made last week. What role will play in the aftermath?

You work hard at creating relevant, creative content. But when you use centralized platforms, who owns it? Carefully read the Terms of Service, and you'll discover it's not you. But that can change -- we have options!

Right now, the most downloaded app on the App Store is Parler. Why the sudden popularity? One reason: social polarization. Because of divisiveness in America, people are trying to isolate themselves from "undesirable" social media that they don't want to read. This will soon be the norm.

Considering everything that's happening right now in the USA, how would you change for the better?

Today is the day! For better or worse, the world is about to be changed. And what's influencing this change? The most dangerous social media influencer: Facebook.

Is the biggest threat to independent journalism? This is a question I asked Daniel Bernhard, executive director of FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting. On this special episode of the Decentralists, we talk about 's social responsibility. It's not just independent journalism that's at stake -- it's democracy too.

Last week, got itself into trouble. FAANGs are watching closely. Whether you like it or not, the tech landscape is changing. Big Tech is being blamed, not just for anti-competitive behaviour, but decimating industries like journalism. What's at stake? Accurate information.

This is why newsfeed algorithms must allow for nuance.

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However, things aren't as black and white as algorithms suppose. Business is never just business. It's not just about the bottom line.

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Certain things can't be said on LinkedIn. The algorithm ensures that. And I get it. Nobody wants to see a cat video when they want to do professional networking.

Sometimes I feel is trying to be all things to all people. It's a job listing site, a news site, a learning site, a social networking site, a B2B CRM site. But would it be better if it unbundled its services into separate sites?

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