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Big Tech is in a tough spot. No matter who is chosen as America's Chief Executive, it's bad news for , , and . Whatever the results, they're being served by antitrust lawsuits. On this episode of the Decentralists, we discuss what's next.

There’s a reason it’s said every fails three times before they succeed—or 36 in the case of the ever-resilient Arianna Huffington. Most entrepreneurs don’t fail because their idea isn’t good, they fail because their timing is off. For anyone considering their first venture, or their third, I’ve shared three tips I learned the hard way in today’s Bay Street Bull.

The US Presidential election is getting closer and closer. That's why it's important now, more than ever, to pay attention to 's impact on politics. , , -- all are powerful and dangerous tools.

Some might see this as "success" but I regard it as a big fat failure. As the rest of the world burns, billionaires are getting richer. The destruction of the middle class is not a win. Business is not a zero sum game. We can do better!

As long as they are host, publisher and moderator, Social Media companies should be held responsible for the content on their platforms. When this happens they are all dead.

Breaking up Facebook won't fix social media -- it will just build baby Facebooks. This is why my team and I are working on a more effective fix.

On this episode of The Decentralists, Trump has opened Pandora's Box! The attempted ban has had immediate ramifications. As a result, will leave the ?

No person or platform described as an accelerant for misinformation should be allowed to exist in these troubled times. If social media remains unchecked we are all screwed.

LinkedIn just rolled out a new redesign -- making it more similar to TikTok and Instagram. Is this a good thing? How do you all intend to you it?

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